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Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator

Spiroflow Automation is one of an elite group of approximately 250 companies in the United States to be recognized as a Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator. The vetting process includes meeting stringent standards for financial stability, maintaining insurance, as well as proper training of engineers on all Rockwell Automation products.

We regularly perform FactoryTalk View or RSView upgrades and new installations. This work tends to fall into one of the following categories:

  • FactoryTalk View and HMI applications can be part of a turnkey control system where we provide design, build, installation, and startup validation.
  • Alternatively, Spiroflow Automation can perform an expansion upgrade to add additional screens for new functionality within a process.
  • We perform hardware upgrades.
  • We perform software or platform upgrades dictated by an internal requirement.

Wonderware Registered System Integrator

We are proud to be a Wonderware Registered System Integrator. Our customers can trust us to have the understanding, knowledge, training, and experience to upgrade their Wonderware systems or install a new Wonderware system.


We regularly upgrade existing Wonderware systems as the related hardware becomes obsolete or the company standard dictates a software upgrade. Wonderware system upgrades are often driven by an internal requirement from a customer’s IT group, an engineering group, or corporate group to maintain a certain standard. These internal groups require a standardized platform so that their training is in line with systems already in place or because of hardware obsolescence.

As end users upgrade computer hardware or software, they also have to upgrade their Wonderware systems. Computer hardware upgrades often dictate the need for an upgrade of a standalone application as do upgrades of Windows operating systems.


We also perform expansions of an existing process to provide additional screens or expanded capabilities to control more parts of a process. We can expand or incorporate an expansion into an upgrade to a newer version or a different platform of Wonderware.


We often perform conversions of older generations of Wonderware to current versions. We also expand from stand-alone to a network virtualization based version of Wonderware. There are several different instances where we are happy to help in any of those situations with Wonderware.

Whatever your needs we have the experience to seamlessly perform Wonderware upgrades and new installations.

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