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Wood Industry Automation

At Spiroflow Automation, we have extensive experience in the wood products industry with automation systems. Safety is on the minds of anyone working around combustible dust. Our controls can detect, locate, and extinguish sparks. Our controls specifically can monitor and react to sparks with combustible dust systems within the plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), lumber wood, or other similar industries based on NFPA regulations and specific customer requirements. If there’s a specific way you’d like sparks extinguished, our team can meet your requirements.

In addition to the general automation component we provide, we have considerable experience in dust collection. Specifically, spark detection and suppression, chemical suppression, process responses for the prevention, and reaction to these detection systems allowing our customers to meet their NFPA and other regulations.

We also provide engineering services such as on-site consulting and evaluation, the design of safety and control systems for new installations and expansions for our customers, as well as upgrades for obsolescence or efficiency improvements.

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