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Spiroflow Automation Solutions offers complete automation solutions whether your project is small or large.  We can design it, build it, program it, validate it, test it, commission it, start it, document it and review it.  Here is a description of the type of work we perform:

Design | Build | Program | Validate | Test | Commission | Start Up | Document | Independent Reviews

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Control System Upgrades

Our team often performs PLC-5, SLC and other manufacturers’ obsolete equipment conversions to ControlLogix or CompactLogix platforms. Spiroflow Automation provides software development and is very capable of building new panels or retrofitting the existing panels with the new hardware.  This includes the design, the build, the software development, and the acceptance testing.

It’s common for Spiroflow Automation to work with end users looking to upgrade obsolete hardware, perform retrofits or even new installations that marry to another system. There is difficulty in integrating the two as an older system may require an upgrade for compatibility with a new system. We get involved with this frequently with our customers.

At Spiroflow Automation, we regularly integrate safety systems for our customers, specifically hardwired safety circuits, safety relays, and safety PLCs.

A safety PLC system replaces a hard-wired safety relay system. End users often need safety PLCs to meet internal requirements or regulatory requirements for systems that require a safety circuit.

Upgrading to Safety PLCs

Other end users want to upgrade from standard PLCs to safety PLCs to meet internal requirements, provide expansion capability or more complex safety systems for the future. End users even utilize a safety PLC when they don’t initially need one knowing it ensures flexibility for future expansion.

Our team often performs migrations from older obsolete safety relay hardwired systems to new flexible, safety PLC based systems.

On the software side, the logic is locked with a safety signature to ensure the code has not been changed. Once validated with a signature a unique identifier is filed in the documentation to guarantee its reliability. This is a crucial step in the process because it safeguards the owner from liability and provides peace of mind knowing that no one has changed the safety system after its original implementation.

Upgrading to a safety PLC provides flexibility and allows for easy future expansion.


PLC Upgrades

End users often reach out to us to upgrade their obsolete PLCs to a more current model. We are very experienced with PLC retrofits such as upgrades from PLC-5, ControlLogix or Allen-Bradley SLC models to ControlLogix or CompactLogix.

Safety PLC Programming, Turnkey Projects & Third-Party Reviews

Spiroflow Automation brings their safety PLC experience to your turnkey project. Based on your requirements we create a design, build it, and program it then participate in the validation and acceptance testing of the system, commissioning, and start up.

Some end users have the capability to design and build a system but not program it so we only provide safety programming.

We also conduct third-party reviews. When another provider has created a system, we offer comprehensive third-party reviews to sure the system is designed to meet all of the safety critical functionality, all of the internal requirements and standards defined for the project, and all regulatory requirements.


Alternative Safety Systems

As an alternative to full safety based PLC systems the Spiroflow Automation team also designs relay based safety systems with safety relays, hardwired safety systems, or dedicated non-PLC based safety circuits. Cost may drive your choice but either way, we are more than capable to design, build, implement, and validate both types of systems.

Control Panels

Our work is meticulous, especially in our panel design. Our panel shop is UL 508A certified which allows us to build your control panel to Underwriters’ Laboratories exacting standards which are written with safety in mind.

Here is an example of how we build a control panel after the design work is completed:

1. Panel with Wire Duct

2. DIN Rail & Components Mounted

3. Power Wiring Added

4. IO Wiring Added

5. Complete Panel with Covers Over the Wire Ducts

6. Control Panel Ready for Shipping

The Value of Detailed Documentation

There is a great benefit to having a properly detailed documentation/testing package. When we have worked through a complete factory acceptance test (FAT) and site acceptance test (SAT) then we have tested all IO monitoring of all alarms and all of the critical functions of the process. This ‘debugging’ ensures the smoothest, fastest start-up, and production ramp-up possible.

The Spiroflow Automation offers industry benchmark detailed documentation services detailing every safety critical function. We fully test everything – lift every wire, check every IO monitor through the safety PLC, check every alarm, and more before it leaves our facility.

Once in the field, the system is hooked up to all field devices, building management systems and other processes married into an end user’s system. We then work through the complete process again.

Ready to improve efficiency?

Our team of seasoned engineers is on stand-by, ready to discuss your project. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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