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Control Systems Engineering & Implementation


Control Systems Integration

Spiroflow Automation specializes in control systems engineering and integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control, including PLC and motion control, press control, and process automation. From stand-alone machine control to full multi-controller networks, Spiroflow Automation excels in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Control Systems Design and Automation

We offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. Extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures enables us to develop plans of action that are compliant with the most current guidelines and regulations. Our team can identify problems within your manufacturing scenario and solve them with innovative design and leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service.

We approach control system engineering with the customer’s need and specifications first. We then proceed with application engineering to develop a proposal for your review. Upon your acceptance, we begin the detailed and design engineering phase of the project which includes schematics, layouts, device lists, PLC programming, and HMI screens. Once that is complete, we proceed to the design and build phase where we construct the control panel. The panel is tested at our facility and shipped to the field for installation and commissioning with your system. Finally, we are there for the life cycle support of your system.

As a full-service industrial control, networking, and control system automation solution provider our people help make your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently. Talk with us about how we can make your industrial application safer and more efficient.

“Control systems integration is the application of industrial control components that include industrial computers and human/machine interfaces to processes. In other words, control systems integration is the use of a computer to make a product.

Control system integrators design & implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing & industrial facilities. Using their knowledge of engineering, information technology, and business, control system integrators integrate plant equipment & automate manufacturing processes. Automation helps manufacturers & process industries reduce cost, increase production, use less energy & lower environmental impact.”

Control System Integrators Association

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At the heart of industrial control is the programmable logic controller or PLC. This workhorse of industry has been around for nearly half a century and our engineers have been right there from the start. From the early days of basic I/O operation to the evolution of modern powerhouse processors capable of controlling an entire industrial plant, we have implemented PLCs in nearly every type of industrial control. To meet the specifications of our customers, we have experience in programming and implementation for all the major PLC manufacturers including but not limited to:

  • Rockwell/Allen-Bradley
    ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, and MicroLogix. Our customer requirements range from the top of the line automation controllers with integrated safety functionality to simple machine control with cost effective hardware configurations.
  • Schneider Group
    Modicon DCS and PLC platforms
    Process and batch control systems
  • Siemens
    S5 & S7 using Step 5 & Step 7 software
  • Keyence
  • IDEC
  • Automation Direct
  • GE
  • Omron

  • PLC Data Collection Solutions
    In addition to traditional PLC programming, we also provide PLC data collection solutions for process and efficiency management.Spiroflow Automation utilizes Wonderware Historian, FactoryTalk Metrics, FactoryTalk Historian, and OSI PI.
  • Conversions
    Spiroflow Automation can perform:
    • Conversions of your obsolete PLC-5 and SLC PLCs to CompactLogix and ControlLogix
    • Conversions of your obsolete HMIs to Wonderware or FactoryTalk View products
    • Brand specific conversions
    • Conversions from standard control with traditional safety to complex safety systems with safety rated PLCs
    • Migrations of other manufacturers’ obsolete PLCs to Rockwell CompactLogix & ControlLogix solutions

  • HMI & SCADA System Development
    Spiroflow Automation is a Wonderware Registered Integrator and can implement solutions on Wonderware Archestra or stand-alone platforms.  We also implement solutions on FactoryTalk View ME or SE.
  • Control Panel Design
  • UL 508A Panel Fabrication
  • Turnkey control system design and implementation
  • Motion control and drives – Servo, VFD
  • Industrial Communication Protocols
    We work with a wide variety of protocols including EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Modbus, Legacy, DeviceNet, Profibus, and PROFInet.
  • Project Management
  • Control Systems Upgrades
    • Replace Obsolete Control Equipment
    • Porting between Controls Manufacturers (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Wonderware)

Value of Control System Upgrades

Our team often performs PLC-5 and SLC conversions along with other manufacturers’ obsolete equipment to ControlLogix or CompactLogix platforms. Spiroflow Automation provides software development and is very capable of building new panels or retrofitting the existing panels with the new hardware.  This includes the design, build, software development, and acceptance testing.

It’s common for Spiroflow Automation to work with end users looking to upgrade obsolete hardware, perform retrofits or even new installations that marry to another system. There is difficulty in integrating the two.  The older system may require an upgrade for compatibility with the new system. We frequently perform this type of work for our customers.

Spare Parts Availability

End users often reach out to us for control system upgrades because they have difficulty sourcing replacement parts or they find that they can’t implement desired upgrades.


Expandability is nearly impossible when you have an obsolete control system.

Compatibility with Other Control Systems

Upgrading an obsolete control system enables compatibility with other control systems. Older systems use communication protocols that become obsolete and are no longer utilized in new hardware.


Drives are more efficient and spare parts are more available.

Workforce Knowledge

We often see end users upgrading their control systems to accommodate their workforce. When you have a very antiquated control system, it’s difficult to find the support staff that can troubleshoot, maintain, and perform upgrades on that equipment.

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