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Themed Entertainment Safety Systems

Waterpark safety systems in the themed entertainment industry have a goal to safely take away as much human interaction as possible.

Our teams have implemented control systems and safety systems for operations at water parks. This work specifically includes systems for lazy rivers, action rivers, multiple water slides, and chemical monitoring of all of the pools in a facility. These controls also interact with a site’s monitoring system to check attraction status to provide feedback for a park’s operations team.

Our goal is to meet all of the safety requirements requested by our customers. This might include making sure riders are safe distances away from each other, monitoring the proper amount of water flow on slides, ensuring landing areas have enough water or overseeing chemical levels to check for correct pH balances.

It is important to point out that the concept of safety in this industry is quite different from other industries.  In most industries, part of overall safety is to keep people out of unsafe areas. Using industrial machine guarding and light curtains are commonly used ways to keep people safely away from unsafe areas.

In themed entertainment, the concept of safety is uniquely different because people must be kept safe within unsafe areas.  Theme park rides must be constantly monitored with redundant safety systems so attractions such a ride does not run too fast or too slow. On a waterslide, for example, a rider can’t depart at the top of the slide without safety measures are in place to ensure the previous rider is safely out of the way at the bottom of the slide.

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