The Benefits of Spiroflow Automation Safety PLCs

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Published On: March 23, 2023

About Spiroflow Automation Safety PLCs

Spiroflow Automation Safety PLCs can run logic for machine control but also has additional hardware for redundancy and self-checking. They are configured to meet performance and safety integrity levels required for a certified or valid safety system.

A safety PLC contains redundant hardware for self-checking and redundant I/O for dual channel inputs, E-STOPs, and other safety critical functions. Dual channels are required for redundancy and the I/O must be configured for both I/O monitoring and alarming. Monitoring ensures that if a wire is removed or a relay contact fails on a field device (such as a level instrument) an alarm will be triggered and the process will be automatically stopped as programmed, without requiring operator intervention.

Spiroflow Automation Safety PLC System Design, Programming

Spiroflow Automation brings their safety PLC experience to your turnkey project. Based on your requirements we create a design, build it, and program it then participate in the validation and acceptance testing of the system, commissioning, and start up.

Turnkey Projects & Third-Party Reviews

Spiroflow Automation also conducts third-party safety audits. When another provider has created a system, we offer comprehensive third-party reviews to ensure the system meets all of the safety critical functionality, all of the internal requirements and standards defined for the project, and all regulatory requirements.

Should You Upgrade Your PLCs to Safety PLCs?

End users often reach out to Spiroflow to upgrade their obsolete PLCs to more current models. We have over 25 years of experience with PLC retrofits and upgrades from older designs to state-of-the-art technologies. Other end users want to upgrade from standard PLCs to safety PLCs to meet new internal requirements, provide expansion capability, or ever more complex safety systems looking toward the future.

Upgrading to a safety PLC provides flexibility and allows for easy future expansion and in the ever evolving world of process safety.

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