Spiroflow Automation Launches New Website for Industrial Control Solutions

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Published On: June 20, 2023

Industrial Control Solutions

Spiroflow Automation Solutions, a leading full-service industrial control, networking and automation provider, has launched its new website, www.spiroflowautomation.com. The new digital environment provides an enhanced user experience for customers looking for vital information on factory automation and sophisticated industrial control systems for manufacturing and industrial facilities.

The launch of the new website marks a significant milestone for Spiroflow Automation. Previously, information about the business was folded into its parent company Spiroflow, which produces conveying and other material handling equipment. This is the first time the Spiroflow Automation unit, which provides a complementary but distinct service offering as an advanced factory automation integrator, has its own website for customer service and marketing purposes.

“The launch of our new website is a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences,” said Shawn Vickers, General Manager of Spiroflow Automation. “Having grown exponentially last year, and expecting another 100% growth year in 2023, it is important to us that we make it easier for industrial manufacturers to develop the production efficiencies needed to keep their operations constantly progressing and improving. Our website will be a platform for delivering the important information they need to achieve that.”

Spiroflow Automation’s website went live in May 2023. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website, learn about the company’s expertise and capabilities, and discover how Spiroflow Automation can provide tailored solutions to meet their industrial control needs.

About Spiroflow Automation

Spiroflow Automation is a leading full-service industrial control, networking and automation provider. With a specialization in turnkey control system integration, the company offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including PLC and motion control, press control and process automation. Spiroflow Automation is committed to delivering innovative, reliable, and customized solutions that optimize industrial processes and drive business success. Learn more by visiting www.spiroflowautomation.com.


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